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Dog Mom Gift Guide

Hi friend,

Do you have that friend obsessed with their pup? I’m obsessed with pups and I don’t even have one (yet) haha, so I can only imagine how much more people spoil their actual pups. Here are some ideas for you to get your dog owner friend.

Dog Mom Sweater

Come on! Cute, cozy, what more can I say? People love sweaters with words on them.

Dog mom hoodie, or a pom mom hoodie because that's the type of dog I want.

Custom Painting of Their Pet

I personally would love everything on this list BUT this would just be so so special to me. Especially since my first dog past, I would just love to have a portrait of her to commemorate her.

Link here and here.

Matching Accessories

There are many ways to match. Whether it is bandannas, bracelet/collar, matching outfits (like onesies or t-shirts --- there's tons on Shein), and so much more. Here are some of my favourites that are easy gifts and easy to put your pet in:

Reindeer Dog Costume

A costume for Christmas - revolutionary. I just think this would be the cutest little thing to see a dog prancing around the house in.

Cutest little Christmas costume here.

Purse with Custom Painting

This petite shoulder bag can be adorned with a full-body painting of your dog that’s sealed with a waterproof, scratch-proof topcoat. Besides being an adorable accessory, the custom bag ensures you’ll really never have to leave home without your pup by your side.

Chewy Vuitton

I am a sucker for puns and when it comes to luxury dog dupe puns I just crack up! They are so funny! Can classy and funny go together? If they can these would be that...I think...

White Paw:

Get ready for a few puns throughout this post but don't worry (if you're boring and don't like puns) there's other lots of ideas in this post too.

Alcohol Chew Toys

Know an alcoholic who also owns a dog? Now they can celebrate with champagne while their furry bestie has a bottle too!

Luxury Transparent Polkadot Raincoat


Starbarcks Dog Toy:

We all know that person with a pet who loves Starbucks. Have your Starbucks and let your furry friend have one two.

A Purse

Here are more funny puns (all purses):

Pet Purse Carrier

Not a purse pun this time or even a toy but instead a carrier! A stylish way to carry your pet around shopping.

Le Creuset Dog Bowl:

I feel like this is something my in-laws or their friends would have if they had a pet. They are suckers for "good brands you can trust" and like to buy from places they already enjoy, and I know they have lots of Le Creuset cookware.

Designer Bones

Another pun! I have to add them in because if it was me shopping this list then I would love all these.

Sniffany and co

The last pun is for the Tiffany and Co. lover. This is the only one I could find but it is still a really cute idea for someone who loves Tiffany and Co.

Reversible Luxury Grey Vegan Fur Coat

Two for one! Tell me more! This is so cute and great for different types of weather.

Agility Set:

With my beagle, Shasta, I used to love doing agility with her. Of course at the time I didn't have the money for a real agility set so I made one out of scrap wood from trees in our backyard but now that I am older I feel like this is a great set. Even if your dog doesn't compete in agility, it is a great form of exercise for a dog as well as training and building confidence.

Gorgeous Pet Couch

While filming one of our Hallmark movies we were setting up a homeowner's house to film in and I saw they had a luxurious velvet gray dog couch that matched their couches. I suggest getting them one that matches their living room furniture. It was just so luxurious and perfect. It blew my mind.

Here is one and here is another, and one more because I'm obsessed.

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