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ClubHouse Review: What is ClubHouse?

Updated: Mar 12

Hi Friends,

You may have heard of ClubHouse, it is blowing up. I had been seeing lots of big tiktokers and business Instagrammers posting about it which encouraged me to join.

In case you haven't heard of Club House: it’s an invite-only networking space. Like live podcasts where everyone can participate if they want, with lots of industry leaders.

So I created an account and waited to be invited in. It took 3 weeks. However, once I told my husband about it he created an account and was invited within 3 minutes. So once he was in, I was in fast too.

Lots of people host with a couple of others and chat and bring people up (who raise their hand) to ask questions). One person I really enjoy listening to is a young guy, Thomas (@boxwithtom), who just interviews and literally does a live podcast interview of very successful founders including the founder of Schmidt's deodorant, Jamie Schmidt.

I find myself constantly learning on this app. I enjoy raising my hand to ask questions to business leaders. I think that (especially) during cover this is a great way to network, learn, and find community.

Are you on ClubHouse?

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