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Cin Cin Restaurant Review (by Top Table)

Hi friends,

now that the unvaxxed are free to roam again Cam and I have been doing dates left and right. Our most recent one was at one of Top Table Group’s restaurants in Vancouver called Cin Cin.

almost walked past it

The menu is Italian… and I’m an absolute food idiot who needs like a Denny’s menu, you know one with the photos, to have any idea of what I’m ordering. I kid you not - one time I thought I was ordering pasta and I got SOUP! But their Instagram has good photos of everything so you can figure out what it is that you are ordering.

I went for the 3 course meal for the price of one entre.

the starter was incredible. I ordered _____

I wish it had more capers. But that’s okay.

then for my main I got the cod which came with a delish _____ I would havw liked a lemon on the side because the cod was really plain in flavour and the ___ was a GREAT pairing but it wasn’t strong enough to do the whole fish.

cam got ____ which was literally just pasta. No garnish or anything which surprised me that there was nothing on the side.

then desert is where it REALLY tanked.

However my waitress wouldn’t let me switch the pana cotta that came with the 3 course for a chocolate lava cake on the full menu even know it was the same price. I LOVE chocolate lava cake so that alone bumps 2 stars off their review. also the panna cotta is all premade with the berries so that’s another star off because even though cam loved it, I’d I’m paying to go to a nice restaurant I expect a certain level of service and this felt more scoop the goop, goof free style. like an expensjve microwave meal or popsicle from the freezer.

overall it was a great date and the food was good but would I go back? No. The price compared to the quality of food just didn’t align for me. Top Table has many other much better restaurants where when you eat the food it really aligns with what they’ve valued it at.

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