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BTS Working on Hallmark Channel’s Don’t Forget I Love You

Hi friends!

A hallmark movie I worked on called Don’t Forget I Love You (originally called Time Capsule Romance) just came out yesterday 🎉 so I thought I would share some of the BTS videos I made while working as a set dresser & set dec shopper!

Here is my first day ever doing set dec shopping for the film

And here is my BTS of the entire filming of the movie (from my POV)

This was such a special time in my life that I cherish in my heart. it was so fun to work with Gracey - she is such an amazing friend & the best boss. It was also just an absolute blast & to be in Squamish & having so much fun it was just a dream come true. The only negative was that I was brand newly married & living away from my new husband who I married like a month or two before. So that part sucked but if I was still single I would love doing these back to back all the time! It was an incredible experience that I will always be grateful for.

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