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Blue Light Glasses Review

Hi Friends,

I recently was given two free pairs of blue light blocking glasses from Sojos. I chose one for myself and one pair for Cam since both of us work on computers a lot. The glasses come in a box with a cleaning cloth, screwdriver, and replacement pieces.

A number of my friends have been buying blue light blocking glasses and have loved them so I was excited to give them a try. When not looking at screens, if you put the glasses and and then take them off, you can see that the glasses have a yellow tint. They also are pretty reflective of screen light (which is obvious whenever I try to take a selfie in them). Therefore, we know they do block blue light.

I especially like to wear my pair in the evening; this makes it is easier to go to bed at night. I also find they stop the eyes from feeling strained and stop the headaches that come along with that.

Although skeptical at first of receiving such an inexpensive pair, I am very happy with my glasses and do find they work.

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