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Best Amazon Wedding Items to Buy

Hi Friends,

As it is almost wedding season again, I thought I would share some of the items that I bought off Amazon for my own wedding. All items are linked so it is easy for you to find, and some have pictures from my own wedding.

Place Cards

I found these placards on Amazon that ended out perfectly matching our invitations! They came in a 50 pack, the exact number of people we were allowed. Obviously I ordered them immediately as seating cards for our ceremony and reception.

These Shoes

Above are the shoes taken off at my wedding reception. I I think I kept them on for over 7 hours of my wedding so I say they were pretty good. I really wanted a pair of shoes I could wear often after the wedding and these are what I found. They had a 1.5 inch heel and I really enjoyed them.

For Your Happy Tears Facial Tissue Packs (60 Pack)

I knew I was going to cry, as well as many other guests, so I bought this pack of 60 so that all of our guests could have a pack with them in their clutch or blazer pocket during the wedding.

Love is Patient Aisle Runner 3 ft. x 100 ft.

We needed an aisle runner and couldn't find a nice affordable one to rent that wasn't red so we bought this one off of Amazon.


I bought this 30 pack of Travel Toothbrush Set. TBH this was a little bit extra and a few guests laughed thinking it was a little extra. But Cam's grandparents thought it was necessary and I figured it would be nice for people to brush their teeth after lunch or dinner if they wanted but most of all I wanted to make sure they were nearby so no one would have any food in their teeth in any photos. I still have a few left over for when guests come to stay with us, and Cameron enjoys using them every few months to replace his toothbrush.

Dental Floss Picks

I bought these dental floss picks for the same reason as the toothbrushes. It was a set of 300 but only 6 packs. I gave a pack (in new containers) to all of our immediate family members and our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Chocolate Heart Mold

My mom made all of our desserts, aside from the cupcakes. Everyone thought these chocolates (with the swirls) were made by the caterers but nope! The caterers actually kept eating these up! The recipe is here and then poured into these moulds.

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