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All about our dog training (so far)

Hi friends,

As you probably know, we have a Pomeranian puppy named Benji that we have been training.

Before getting a small dog I contacted my other friends with small dogs and one tip that I loved was from my friend Julianna where she said: pick three things that are most important to you with training and focus on those.

So I thought about my three things and it came down to:

  1. Quite and not yappy like Pomeranians are often stereotyped to be

  2. Listens well and responds fast

  3. Sociable in the sense that I can take him everywhere/anywhere and know he will sit well under the table or heel close at the mall without going up to children/people, or behave well and lay by the couch at a friend's house.

AHAHAHA has training been hard!

The first two weeks I feel like there was slow but steady improvements however the third week/month point he seemed to regress.

Let me tell you though I'm just about at 17 weeks now (of age) and he is doing much better! only like 70% reliable but he understands he has to poop outside and he goes to the door when he needs to go out. He goes to the door for most of his business (not all), he knows what commands means (just sometimes chooses not to do them if we don't enforce them), is starting to learn boundaries while playing with other dogs (praise Jesus), and HE KNOWS WHO WILL CAVE TO HIM so stay strong and stay consistent!

Here are some TikTok training videos I loved:

Best of luck,

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