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3 Easy Canvas Art DIYs (Under $20)

Hi friends,

Cameron and I haven't bought anything for our new house because once we move in a couple years, the art may not fit the space correctly anymore. But I don't like to just stare at bare walls. I want to make it homey... So I went to the dollar store and bought some canvases and supplies.

As you probably know, I am quite artistically challenged. I always have wonderful grand ideas, however making them a reality is where I struggle. So you know, I'm only sharing with you the easiest and cheapest canvas art DIYs that I could find.

The first piece was the easiest.

What You Need:

Canvas: Dollar Tree 1.25

Tools: Dollar Tree 1.25

Joint Compound/Spackle: Walmart $12

Total: $14.50


This is literally just one step! Spread the sparkle around the canvas until you like the way it looks.

The second piece was inspired by someone on Pinterest and again, is all about just adding texture. Anyone on here by now should know, I love white textured things: blankets, art, architecture, photos, plates, flowers, etc. That is my design weakness is just white and textured.

What You Need:

Canvas: Dollar Tree 1.25

Twine: Dollar Tree 1.25

Hot Glue Gun: Dollar Tree 1.25

Spray Paint: Walmart $8

Total: $11.75


Step 1: Pencil where you want your twine to go

Step 2: Glue twine there pencil marks are

Step 3: Spray paint canvas

The third piece of canvas art I saw on TikTok. I think it is called paint smearing. It was much easier than I expected and was actually really soothing to make.

Things You Need:

Canvas: Dollar Tree 1.25

Paint x3: Dollar Tree 1.25 (x3)


Step 1: Put blobs of paint on canvas

Step 2: Smear left and right (or up and down, you do you)

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