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3 Easiest Succulents to Propagate

Hi friends,

Growing up I was always terrible at keeping plants alive. I somehow killed everything I tried to grow, even my succulents! They'd be healthy for a while, and grow big, but then one day they would start to die and it would be all downward from there. I hated spending the money to replace the plants though.

One day I learned about propagating plants. It's when you take a piece of a plant and then it becomes its own plant. I instantly became obsessed! Now I have never-ending free backups of the exact same plant I'm killing. Some plants are easier to propagate than others and today I am going to tell you which I find the easiest.

1) Christmas Cactus

I would say that the Christmas Cactus is by far the easiest to propagate. All you have to do is twist off two or three top leaves and stick it halfway in the soil. It does the rest. And, unlike many others, it doesn't take much time to start growing big again.

2) Snake Plant

The snake plant takes a long time to root and grow. However, If you cut a leaf into multiple 2-5 inch pieces and stick them halfway in the dirt, it just starts to grow by itself. The only rule you must remember with the snake plant is that the bottom of the leaf must stay the bottom of each cutting -- do not flip them! Spray soil once a week.

3) Golden Barrel Cactus

I took a cutting of a Golden Barrel Cactus that had been growing off of my sister's plant 8 months ago. When it didn't propagate the way I assumed it would, I just threw it into my pot and was ready to use it as compost. However, through it just sitting on the dirt and getting misted every once and a while, it revived itself and propagated on its own!!

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