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2022 Year In Review


January was such a blessing, not only because Cameron made it another year around the sun but we got a pomeranian puppy and named him Benji! I have a whole Youtube playlist dedicated to him.

I also started my social media management freelancing business: Memorable Media.


February was my birthday

My family also visited


family visited for my grandma's 90th birthday

I bought again card that said all the top things from the year she was born which was really interesting.




went to Victoria


Skidmore Foundation charity golf tournament


my family came to visit

I also tried a barre class

And we went on a desert getaway


In general I had an insanely busy August

And we went to Kelowna for a week


my parents just casually showed up at my house


Oh October. I think October was my favourite month.

The month kicked off with Cameron and my 2 year anniversary.

We went to Banff and then Calgary for a friend's wedding. You can read the blog post here and watch the YouTube vlogs here.

Kirsten is on the committee for the Langley prayers breakfast so she got us invited to that. It was an early but beautiful morning. I met a lady who also bought a teacup dog that ended out being about 15lbs so that was nice to bond over.

That same lady, Loretta, was putting on the City Dream Centre Charity Gala which we attended and I blogged about here.

I also got a new job as a Marketing Assistant for Save-On Foods' More Rewards corporate office!! Praise Jesus!


I was invited to (I think) my first influencer event! Thank you Glow and Thexton PR!


Obviously everything for the Christmas season is so much fun! I did Vlogmas on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out - overall it was a chill but exciting month filled with reflection and goal setting.

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