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1st Week Puppy Schedule

Hi Friends,

Getting a puppy can be overwhelming. Suddenly a new life is in your hands and how the first few weeks and months go determine how the next 15 years will be.

I know when I was waiting to receive Benji I did SO MUCH research on what each hour and minute should look like with a new puppy and what I should be introducing and teaching each day. I watched endless youtube videos and stayed up late reading as many articles as I could all to compile it into this list today for you:

Daily schedule

7:00 wake up & potty then training & luring then feed with slow feeder

7:15: toilet break

7:30 play & training

8:15 toilet break

8:30 nap in crate so I can workout & shower

10:30 training

11:00 brunch from hand

11:15 toilet break

11:30 play & training

12:15 toilet

12:30 nap time (get some work done)

2:30 toilet break

2:45 play & training

3:00 feed (in crate or from hand)

3:15 toilet

3:30 play & training

3:45 toilet

4:00 nap time (this & below may be adjusted)

6:00 toilet

6:15 training

7:00 supper time

7:15 toilet

7:30 play & training

7:45 toilet then wind down & toilet before bed

Here is how the 1st 48hours looked with Benji:

The first week during training time you should be focussing on learning his name and looking at you, luring into sit/down/stand positions, some stay/wait, luring to follow you at the heel, and maybe some light recall. You should also focus on rewarding a quiet and calm dog so that you can leave the house without any barking or separation anxiety. This also includes crate training. Overall it is about bonding and learning that when they follow you/do what you want, good things happen. As well as learning that it is okay to be alone.

When playing with the pup don't forget to handle the collar/harness and touch his paws, nails, face, ears, and tail to get him ready for grooming and nail trims in the future. Remember: the more you do now the easier your future will be.

Second week followed the same schedule but during trainings I started to use command and then lure and reward so that Benji would get used to the command. I also started taking him out more to be socialized. Since he is not yet full vaccinated I didn't let him touch the ground but we could go to stores in a shopping cart or sit on a blanket in a park with very few dogs and watch people go by. This gets your pup used to new sights, smells, and sounds and will make it easier to socialize once he does have all of his shots. However, I am not waiting for all of his shots before starting because puppies have very little fear and lots of curiousity right now but if I wait he will have much more fear and be less curious.

That is the first two weeks (which is where we are at right now)

As I proceed I will continue to update this until we reach the 1st month.

Hope this helps!

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